I even took a slow start to avoid the morning ice. Didn’t work. The groomers started hard and skittish. The off-piste unskiable frozen lumps. Rattling around unenthused did the trick - actually, the blazing sun did the trick - and at 10:30 there was plenty of good stuff to go around. Go around means for me as participation off the groomers and out of the lodge was non-existent.

St Hellen’s

St Hellen’s

The usual suspects went off for round one, Upper Gully, Sunnyside, etc. A new aspect in the softening mix was Iceberg right under The Plunge. And a fun time was had by all. *Looks around* A fun time was had by me. Adding in some crunchy Valley Bowls led to a lonely soft Sluiceway, Berry Patch, and Lower E was a hoot.

Run-of-the-day was a surprise. Upper Bull Run, smooth and soft, steep and perfect bump turns. Repeat all the above.

At noon the upper Frontside went too soft just as Valley Bowl Bumps finally loosened up. Then the clouds blocked the sun for an immediate temperature drop started to re-crisp some places as others got sticky.


Whew, a lot of vert in deep soft snow, the shade and cooling temps gave me an excuse to head out.

Again, a report that doesn’t matter much other than bragging that I might have got the last of the good weather. Increasing clouds, east wind, and possibility of wet precip tomorrow will likely mean very little thaw in the future (if you stay out of the rain).