About half the snow is great, about half is below mediocre. Once figured out, I stayed in the good (mostly) and had one of the best times of my year.

Funny how life works out. After weeks of walking up at 2:21 and being awake for hours, I finally got a good nights sleep - what happens at 2:21? Feeling good and diving into Green Valley, I knew it was going to be a good day. But, there’s always a but, Iceberg, Door 1, Outer Firk’s, and Bear Pits were sporting an amazing amount of sun damage under the cut pow. Quite skiable, although it took a close watch to avoid the sudden slams when a soft bump was hiding an extra hard core.

Running though the North Facers and Shady Sides proved they were awesome as expected. C3 Chairline - short but very sweet. Elk Snort - Untracked then smooth styrosnow. Mr Toad’s Wild Ride was a good as that swoopy run gets. Secret Spot somewhere on The Terminator was sooth untracked fun. I extended CD’s new Short North entry into some new very narrow, very steep knee deep new. Top honors. Employee Housing was chopped up cut pow bumps. Unless you know where to go and then it was soft pow almost to the bottom. I-5 was smooth and not much pushing unless you get stuck behind Team No Wax.

As the bright clear skis of morning succumbed to the incoming front, fog made visibility go away. We went to more trees. Then after a few misguided attempt at Door Last, Memorial, and LS Trees it was time to call it a declining vis day. Not that my legs were getting tired….. It was snowing hard and the limited vis made it too hard to tell the sun-melt crunch from the fluffy bump tops.

Not sure why I felt so good today. Hope I can repeat next time. Over the weekend, maybe the sunny weather will bring out enough of a crowd to mix the lumpy new with the crunchy underlying layer. If so, life will be good. If not, guess it will be up to the Amigos next week.