The front moving east unfortunately pulled in fog from the west and the big sunny day did not materialize. It also didn’t allow for any clear skies and nothing below 6500’ froze. Good and bad aspects of that. The top couple hundred vert was horribly frozen - terrible. After that it was all softness. However, the lack of overnight freezing for a week left the lightly skied offl-piste extremely soft. To the point of requiring jump turns to get out of the glop that then dropped you into locked in boot-top…. stuff… going the other direction - aka Upper Bull Run. So, a couple icy clatters up high and some sketchy turns down low til we found the Goldilocks Zone.

Funny how a few icy junk and some deep glop runs can feel like forever. Probably only a half hour. Then we started alternating Sunnyside and S. Elk-Sluiceway-Berry Patch-Lower E runs. And a good time, was had by all. Well two of us. Although it was one of the busiest (parking, lodge) days I’ve had this year, there were only a couple other skiers on runs other than Luckyshot and Forest Queen. That was, until…. Our two runs got better and a GREAT time was had by us two. And then, they became perfect for a couple old school bump skiers and it was the Best of Times.

I was thinking of going tomorrow for Last Day. After today’s good time, and worked muscles, I might end on a very high note and call it a season. The forecast for tomorrow is warmer and sunnier. Without the light fog to the south we had today. Everything might go to the dark and mushy side. But, a good freeze overnight might improve the off-piste. I’ll make the call at 6am. If it’s no, see ya next winter.