Today started out the worst of times. End as the best of times.

The skies had cleared at home, but I couldn’t see Mt Rainier as the cloud line was just north of Crystal. With the morning temps, I knew it would be icy till the clouds moved and the sun could hit the slopes. So, I went for the latest drive start of my career. I musta hit the Goldilocks Zone of traffic as it was the quickest ski commute ever - 2 slow pickups on 410 the only commuters to pass the whole way. Letting the Turboru stretch its legs on the open roads didn’t hurt either. I only missed one morning run. Should have arrived at 10:00.

With no morning softness, Iceberg won the Worst Berg Conditions Ever Skied award. So lapped an OK Valley Bowl (then icy to the lift) and Luckyshot wondering if we’d have enough fun to last till 11:00. That’s Spring at Crystal for ya. Just when it looked dire, the clouds moved south and within 30 minutes things were soft. Went to rain smoothed-with-an-inch-of-new areas first. Memorial and Sunnyside 👍👍. Upper Bull Run to Lower Bull added a third thumbs up. And the repeats were on, skiing without stops, not wanting to waste a minute of the perfect soft-but-not-too-soft conditions. After a lot of vert, as some parts went towards too soft, the new snow started to get sticky, as did the flats. A perfect cap on the day was V-Bowl-Sluiceway-Berry Patch-Lower E. All great.

Oh, bring the rock skis. Part of the fun of Spring at Crystal is dodging/slaloming the rocks - at least in my book. Things are melting fast, and brown is just part of the game.

Looks like some rain and then some snow as we progress into a wetter and cooler pattern for a few days. New snow will not be kind as warm days will make it unconsolidated and sticky. Remember what it looked like today, there will be just a few inches over the rocks come saturday.