Kkz takes the name Snowind from his two favorite activities - Skiing and Windsurfing. They provide perfect season-to-season complementary sports.

Snow -
I’ve adopted Crystal Mountain as my winter playground and after 45 years, know most of its nooks and crannies. You’ll find me in the trees, powder, and bumps, but very seldom on the groomed unless the conditions require some early morning speed runs. Now retired, I’m able to ski anytime the conditions are good. And I’m also wise enough (old enough) to stay home when the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Wind -
I learned to sail when I was 8 years old. Dinghies morphed into larger and large boats as I got older, cumulating in a 30’ sailboat and  summers cruising Puget Sound and the San Juan’s. Until, I found the speed, waves, and athleticism of windsurfing. Now I spend 6 months a year living in the windsurfing mecca of the Columbia Gorge where I windsurf everyday that the wind blows.

Whether it’s hiking or mountain biking, being out in the dirt fills in those times when the wind’s not blowing or mountain snow isn’t cooperating. As a late comer to mountain biking it’s taking awhile to learn the skills of fast corners and jumping - but I love the challenge and the balance and mental attention required that keep me tuned up for other passions. Hiking provides serenity and wonder at the amazing world we live in.

My one non-natural powered passion is cars. Unassuming sleepers especially. Since my old 385hp wagon was stolen and stripped, I’ve started a new Subie project. You might wonder what that blue sedan next to you is able to do.

Skeptical Geek -
I’ve always been skeptical of “someone said” and wanted to know how and why. If you can’t explain or prove it, I’m not interested. This led me to a education of science, reasoning, and working things out, constantly doing research, learning new things, and experimenting with technology. Fortunately - or unfortunately - since all of my outdoor passions are weather dependent, I’ve got some indoor time to pursue new technologies that make my life more interesting.